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Located in the south east Caribbean, over 100 islands and cays make up
St. Vincent and the Grenadines. St. Vincent, which is the largest island in
the group, is a volcanic island with amazingly steep mountains. It seems as
if the entire island is covered with lush tropical vegetation. The beaches
on St. Vincent quickly reveal their volcanic origin since they are composed
of black sand. Diving here is extraordinary. Divers can visit reefs, caves, wrecks
and can enjoy all with excellent visibility. The Grenadines, all located south
of St. Vincent, have white sand beaches. Here travelers will find romantic,
unspoiled, lush tropical islands waiting to be explored. Diving in the Grenadines
is excellent. Hard and soft corals, huge schools of bait fish, drift diving, cave
diving, and wall diving are only a small example of the diversified unspoiled
waters of the Grenadines.

For more information about St Vincent visit the St Vincent Board of Tourism’s official website –

The M.V. Lerico, a freighter approximately 200 feet long, was sunk by the
Coast Guard in 1985. This wreck can now be found in 90 feet of water off
the Isle A'Quatre, Bequia. She is resting on a sand bottom, and her
structure supports a full eco chain of tropical fish. Average visibility in the
area is 40 to 60 feet.

The remains of the sailboat Liliana are sitting upright in 90 feet of water
off Devil's Table, Bequia. She was constructed of ferro cement and sank in
the early 1980's.


This wreck is unidentified but is thought to be the remains of an English
warship. Approximately 100 feet long, she is located off the island of
Mayreau. The H.M.S. Purina, as the story goes, had been sitting at anchor
in the harbor; she pulled anchor and was heading for open water when she
ran onto a reef and sank.
Today the wreck is found in 40 feet of water on a sand bottom. Her engines
and huge boilers are easily identified. The bow and stern of the wreck are
relatively intact, but deterioration elsewhere on the vessel leaves only a skeletal
outline of this once fine warship. Glenroy Adams, the only native scuba
instructor in the area, tells us that the captain's toilet is the favorite spot
on the wreck for divers to take pictures. Glenroy also stated that the Purina
is covered with marine life and is a truly beautiful dive.


The Siemstrad was an old 120 foot long ferry sunk in the late 1970's. She
sits intact on the ocean floor in 85 feet of water and is located inside
Kingstown harbor.
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