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SINT MAARTEN                                    Netherland Antilles

Sint Maarten is another small island of the Netherlands Antilles, only 37
square miles in size. Sint Maarten is shared by two states, Sint Maarten and
St. Martin. The first is the Dutch side; while the latter is controlled by the
French West Indies.

Visibility on the island averages at 120 feet, and the reefs are shallow, starting
at 30 feet. Diving on the island is just beginning to become popular. Divers
will see a large amount of marine life including corals, sponges, reef fish,
rays and barracuda.

The H.M.S. Proselyte was a 32 gun English frigate. On September 4, 1801,
while under the command of Captain George Fowke, the warship hit a reef
which now bears her name. This area is also known as Man-of-War Shoal.
None of her 215 crew rnembers were lost. It was later determined that the
Proselyte was lost due to the negligence of her master, L. Williams.
The Proselyle is now resting in 50 feet of water off the south side of the
island, and is one of Sint Maarten's most popular dive sites. About 20
cannons and three large anchors are still easily recognizable, but many
other artifacts such as cannon balls, musket balls, nails, spikes, and pottery
can be found by fanning the sand. Beautiful marine life such as parrot fish,
angel fish and barracudas can also be found around the wreckage


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