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   Capt. Dan Berg's Wreck Valley Collection   

Listed below you will find links to individual shipwreck pages for Treasure wrecks sunk off the Florida Keys. The majority of these wrecks were part of the famous 1733 fleet.

Atocha Treasure Wreck Lower Keys

Augustias Wreck Long Key

Chaves Wreck Islamorada

El Capatan Wreck Plantation Key

El Infante Wreck Plantation Key

El Lerri Wreck Upper Keys

El Populo Wreck Pennekamp Park

Herrera Wreck Upper Matecumbe Key

Ignacio Wreck Grassy Key

Ivory Wreck Vaca Key

HMS Looe Wreck Big Pine Key

San Jose Wreck Plantation Key

San Pedro Wreck Lower Metecumbe Key

 Tres Puentes Wreck Upper Matecumbe Key

HMS Winchester Wreck Pennekamp Park

Windlass Wreck Pennekamp Park


Florida Keys Shipwreck Chart Art by Capt. Dan Berg


Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting

TREASURE HUNTING with a Metal Detector Part One

Treasure Hunting with metal detectors Video

Dive Wreck Valley Side Scan Sonar Video
click above to view Capt. Dan Berg's Dive Wreck Valley Side Scan Sonar episode or Treasure Hunting video.

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Treasure Wrecks of the Florida Keys Loran and GPS Locations

Chaves 14098.5   43292.7   24 56.170   80 34.984
El Capitana 14103.8   43276.5        
El Infante 14109.0   43266.0   24 56.558   80 28.530
El Lerri 14077.3   43330.6   24 50.755   80 42.850
Herrera         24 54.330   80 35.530
San Pedro 14082.2   43320.8   24 51.803   80 40.782
Tres Puentes 14093.5   43296.5   24 53.608   80 35.010


Florida Shipwrecks ebook
The Divers Guide to Shipwrecks around the State of Florida and the Florida Keys,

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By Dan and Denise Berg, 180 pages. Shipwrecks are an important complement to the natural coral reefs as a sport diving attraction in Florida. From the barley discernable ballast piles of the 1733 fleet to the almost perfectly intact modern ships sunk specifically as artificial reefs throughout the state, shipwrecks inspire an aura of mystery and fascination. Florida Shipwrecks is the most comprehensive, accurate, illustrated collection of information, photographs, sketches and stories ever written about the shipwrecks around the state of Florida. This downloadable ebook contains a wealth of enlightening information that gives the readers a nostalgic glimpse into the history and present condition of over 235 shipwrecks. Florida Shipwrecks includes over 240 illustrations comprised of 151 color photos, 83 black and white historical images, 8 dynamic u/w sketches. Divers , snorkelers, marine historians, armchair sailors or anyone with a general interest in history diving or the sea will surely find this ebook fascinating, as well as indispensable.


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Instant Downloadable E-Book 

Shipwreck Diving E-Book  
Instant Downloadable E-Book 

The Divers Guide to Shipwrecks around the State of Florida and the Florida Keys. Includes over 240 illustrations comprised of 151 color photos, 83 black and white historical images, 8 dynamic u/w sketches.
                    How to SHIPWRECK DIVING Guide By Capt Dan Berg 



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