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By Capt. Dan Berg

Photo: Courtesy Alan Marquardt

The old Navy diesel powered tug boat, King, was built in South Carolina in 1941. She was 55 feet in length, had a 12.6 foot beam and was brought to Bermuda and converted into a treasure salvage vessel. Peter Haynes reports that she was later converted into a dive boat owned by Gary Lamb. Peter remembers the King having its own compressor and cascade system on board for filling scuba tanks.
In 1984 the King was donated by Gary Lamb and intentionally sunk as a dive site by South Side Scuba. She was the first vessel to be scuttled in Bermuda as a dive site and artificial reef. Her success at attracting fish and satisfying divers has encouraged other ventures like the sinking of the Hermes, another popular scuttled shipwreck, and the ferry Triton.

According to Alan Marquardt, the King now sits intact with a 45 degree starboard list in 65 feet of water only one half mile off the south shore. She rests with her stern in the sand and her bow on a coral bottom. Divers can explore her pilot house and galley and even peer into her engine room. This little tug makes an excellent background for photographs.


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